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Busy Weekend

Whoo, what a busy weekend...I need to go back to work tomorrow just to catch my breath! Saturday had me exhibiting at the local Winter Market. I showcased my books and got people signed up to my new Newsletter and FaceBook page. I had the booth space right next to the AAUW (of which I am a member) booth that just happened to be manned by my mother! That was great because we could relieve each other as necessary. The foot traffic was excellent and I had a large number of folks stop to learn more about my books, and I caught up with a few old friends. Very fun, but very exhausting after 7 hours.

Today I started my Christmas baking with my Mom. We tried a couple of new recipes that were wonderful...a cranberry almond coffee cake and dark chocolate S'mores cookies that actually had a toasted marshmallow on them. Delish! I have an AAUW holiday party tomorrow evening and these baked goods are my contributions. It was a lot of work for a weekend, but it sure got me in the holiday spirit!

I hope your weekend was as productive and happy as mine!

It wasn't all work...there was time for some puppy cuddles with Ms. Penny Lane!

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