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Review and New Beginnings

Whew! 2023 felt like a very long (but good) year. I started a new/old job...went back to the company I left two years ago. I had been there 20 years when I left to try my hand at something new, but after two years I decided I really missed my old job. I'm in the same type of work, but in a different territory, thus new but old.

My new book, Unexpecting, launched in late August. I really needed patience as the book's publication got held up for a long time due to Covid. But it was worth the wait! The book is going well and I had a really fun launch and party. I loved some of the characters in this book so much that I'm busy conceiving of follow-up books.

I decided for some crazy reason to go to grad school after all these years! Am I getting a master's degree in writing or publishing or marketing? No! I getting a master's in Business Management and Organizational Behavior. Good thing I love going to school, and as my mother has pointed out MANY times...any education is a good education.

I'm not a big believer in New Year's resolutions, but I do like to use the change of years to asses and address things in my life. So, like many others, I am going to keep rocking the good things in my life and work on areas that could use some tweaking (not resolutions!) such as my health and my writing career. I really just want to be living my best life and maybe 2024 is the year I get it done!


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