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Ack! My Facebook Page Got Hacked!

Losing your Facebook business page, and having to start over from scratch after five+ years, sucks! Having to rebuild a "friend" database is hard work and distracts one from the fun stuff, like starting your next book. I have an idea for a follow-up book to "Unexpecting" but I'm struggling to find the time to get my proposal and chapter drafts done with all of the Facebook nonsense. But stay tuned, because I feel a sequel in the making!

Enough grumbling, lets talk about the other things I've been up to like grad school, my day job, and promoting "Unexpecting". Yes, grad school. I'm pursuing an MBA with an emphasis in organizational behavior. On the surface, it doesn't seem that it has much to do with romance writing...but I think learning anything new, improved critical thinking skills, and the discipline needed to succeed in school all benefit me in writing YA books that are relevant in today's world. I truly believe no education is wasted and all of these new skills will just make me a better writer.

I changed jobs a few months ago...sort of. I returned to a company I had worked at for twenty years! I must say that while I enjoyed my two year hiatus at a different company, it felt good to go home! Despite having to work at a "real" job, I do enjoy my work. It would be wonderful to write full-time, but until then, at least I have a job that pays the mortgage, offers me health insurance, and fulfills me in many ways.

Getting out and meeting readers of "Unexpecting" has been a real treat! There is so much love for Ben and Maxie out in the marketplace, and the reviews have been so positive. My only issue with the marketing aspect of writing is finding the time to do more of it! But I must admit to being a bit uncomfortable in "tooting my own horn". But needs must!

And finally, I would be amiss if I didn't mention my writing partner, chief snuggler, and walking buddy...Penny Louise! She's such a sweet goofy dog that it's hard to have anything but joy in my life!

Until next time...Jen

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